Those with Power Shape Reality

Topics: Police, Palm Island, Queensland, 2004 Palm Island death in custody Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: January 5, 2011
The reality that people experience can be shaped by those with power. From governments, to police force and even including fiction writers and the media, they have the ability to influence the reality experienced by different people in society. This power manipulation extends to those with different ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic status, and religion. Chloe Hooper, in writing, The Tall Man, had the power over the reader by selecting what to include in her story. In the book Chloe also shows the power that the police force and the justice in the role of shaping peoples reality. The media have the power to changes peoples decisions and opinions. The government have the power to impose laws and regulations that alter the way we live.

Chloe Hooper’s The Tall Man demonstrates how power shapes reality in very different ways Firslty it shows authorial power Anybody who constructs a piece of writing to be read by many people has the power to construct a reality. This is clearly evident in The Tall Man. Chloe Hooper had the power to choose what content to put in her book. The book therefore offers her understanding of the events that led to before and after Cameron Doomadgee’s death, which influences our understanding and interpretation of the incident. The reader is left with the strong sense that an injustice has taken place. This is created purely by what she has selected to put in her book, and in what she has decided to write her book. Like any author/journalist, they have the power to influence the reader’s reality.

The Tall Man also depicts another type of power influencing reality; how the police force and the justice system had the power to shape the realities of people in the Aboriginal community. The police forces that patrol Palm Island plays a significant role in shaping the reality of the citizens. The police force should be protecting the lives of their citizens and should be treating them all with respect, but in Palm Island, it is evident...
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