Thomson Abortion
Topics: Abortion, Human rights, Pregnancy, Abortion debate / Pages: 4 (860 words) / Published: Feb 15th, 2017

Why Is Abortion A Concern To People?

Philosophical and Historical Perspectives


One of the biggest moral issue today is woman's rights with abortion. Many people argued for the rights to keep abortion while others argued for banning it. In the article "The Rights of a Woman Do Not Outweigh the Rights of A Child" by Judith Jarvis Thomson, who is a philosopher and invented an analogy for her debate, talks about how a child has more right than the mother in the case of abortion and that abortion is the same thing as "killing" , Thomson says. Thomson claims the idea that anyone can argue that all abortion is impermissible. The article "Abortions Should Be Restricted to Before Twenty Weeks Gestation" by Douglas Johnson who is
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Johnson starts off by going back to history telling the audience Roe v. Wade was announced during the "Dark Ages" stating "In the ensuing decades, knowledge regarding the development of unborn humans, and their capacities at various stages of growth, has advanced in quantum leaps." (Johnson), putting an example of why doctors should administer anesthesia into an unborn child around twenty weeks of pregnancy. Thomson's article starts off by explaining the alteration between baby rights and mother's rights coming from her very own perspective. She begins with how a woman has the right to choose her own lifestyle and how they want to live as long as it does not take away someone else's right to live and jumping straight to facts explaining her reasons. A difference between Johnson's and Thomson's articles is that Thomson gives her own analogy for her choice and debate on abortion and describes it as "...someone waking up strapped to a famous, but unconscious violinist." (Thomson). She uses this analogy to give the audience a different and better view on abortion. Thomson also uses number of rebuttals on her arguments and debates after each one of her paragraphs from each content. The two articles contrast in using examples. Thompson brings out more examples and has a bigger argument with abortion and the …show more content…
"Abortion Should Be Restricted to Before Twenty Weeks Gestation" has shown the audience Johnson's point in why there's a certain time period when abortion should be illegal by giving the reasons and details coming from studies. "The Rights of a Woman Do Not Outweigh The Rights of A Child" gives others who are against abortion a better mindset on why a child deserves more or equal rights as the mother. Both articles have its differences and also have its few amount of

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