Thomas Paine Common Sense

Topics: White people, Law, Black people Pages: 4 (1277 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Argument Analysis
27 October 2011

A call for unity: A letter from eight white clergymen
The clergymen’s letter suggests that the racial problem in Birmingham, Alabama, needs to be resolved in court peacefully. The exigency of his argument is to try to solve the racial issue with an innovative and constructive approach. The letter was written to the editor of a Birmingham’s newspaper. Based on that, the audience of this letter was the newspaper’s readers, all the city’s citizens. The fact that the writer of this letter is a religious person, and he also represents a group of religious, the constraints are the following: based on his religious beliefs and background, he is opposed to the usage of violence in order to resolve the community’s racial problems; and another aspect, is the fact that he is white, and this also influence how he views the racial issue.

The issue of this letter is to resolve the racial problems in court, and, in the meantime, the laws should be obeyed in peacefully manners. Therefore, the author of this letter is using the newspaper medium to convince the local citizens for the necessity to do not follow the outsider’s leader suggestions, which is King’s suggestions. He criticizes the fact that a foreigner leadership is influencing in part the local Negros’ approach to solve this problem.

The position of his argument is to solve Birmingham’s racial problems peacefully. In addition to that, the resolution can be done locally through usage of negotiations done between local whites and Negros. He and the other religious, who he represents, are against the outsiders’ influence. He suggests in several parts of the letter how important is for the community to solve its own problems, without external help.

The author supports his claim by providing explanation of the importance to solve the racial issue peacefully. He uses emotional aspects, specific supports, such as when he mentions that he understands the “natural impatience”...
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