Thomas Kilmann

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As mentioned earlier conflict can arise through various sources (such as…); and because these conflict can affect the company’s growth it is important for managers to understand and apply effective management skills. Two main conflict management theories are the Thomas Kilmann Conflict mode instrument and the Interest Based Relationship theory. While Kilmann’s theory focuses more on solving conflicts Interest based Relationship theory works on preventing future problems. Fig.1.1
The Thomas Kilmann conflict mode identified 5 main methods of managing conflict and arranged them using the variables Assertive and Cooperative to differentiate between them. (Ref. Fig 1.1) The correct management style within this model usually varies depending on the situation.
The first conflict management style is accommodating which is highly cooperative and avoids being assertive. This style focuses on being a ‘team-player’ in which even at your own expense, you attempt to realize the other party’s goal. This approach is usually taken when the other party has greater prestige or has a better solution. A benefit of this approach is that it can lead to improved future relations.
The second conflict management style is avoiding, scoring low on both assertive and cooperative. Using this style you forgo aiding the other party reach their goals, and you aren’t assertively pursuing your own goal. This style is most effective when dealing with trivial issues. It can also be very effective when the atmosphere is getting more aggressive to create space. This strategy is not recommended due to the fact that ignoring the issue won’t make it go away and could create larger issues in the future.
The third conflict management style is collaborating, scoring high on both assertive and cooperative. By using this style managers seek to avoid win lose conflict resolutions and seek win-win. This style is most effective when trying to solve multifaceted conflicts that need a novel solution. This

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