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Thomas Jefferson Outline

By smurfrules999 Feb 26, 2013 293 Words
A. March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809
1. He was a hero because he wrote the Declaration of Independence.
2. He made the Louisiana Purchase for 15 million dollars and doubled the sizeof the country.
B. Background Information/Major points
1. He was a Hypocrite and tried to make slavery illegal while owning 500 slaves
2. He had an affair with one of his slaves.
c. Thesis
1. Thomas Jefferson was a hero because he wrote the declaration of Independence and made the Louisiana Purchase which doubled the size of the United States but he was a hypocrite because tried to make slavery illegal while owning 500 slaves.

II.Declaration of Independence
A. Independence from Britain
1. Independent county
2. Made 13 colonies into states
B. New Government
1. Didn’t have to listen to forgiven rule
2. Made their own form of government completely different from Britain.

III.Louisiana Purchase
A. Good Deal
1. Napoleon sold it for 15 million dollars which was a good deal
2. Doubled size of America

B. More land
1. People could settle farther west.
2. Less People from other countries in North America.

A. Slaves
1. Tried to make slavery illegal
2. Owned 500 slaves.
1. Had an Affair with one of his slaves
2. Going against his rules

A. Jefferson was both a hero and a villain in American history.
B. He did great things like writing the Declaration of Independence and the Louisiana Purchase.
c. He made a big difference in American history and did a lot of things to help the county
But he also did something’s he shouldn't have like being a hypocrite about making slavery illegal
while he owned 500 slaves.

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