Thomas Hardy's expression of the plight of humankind

Topics: Meaning of life, Human, Thomas Hardy Pages: 3 (1241 words) Published: November 24, 2013

Hardy’s poetry seems to reflect on the plight of human kind. With close reference to two works studied this term say to what extent Hardy’s poetry celebrates life. In most of Thomas Hardy’s poem he expresses the predicament of the human condition and presents to his readers his pessimistic views on topics which involve the aspect of change caused by time, which is an inevitable factor in human existence. Hardy relates to his readers the hard facts of life and laments about the trials of life people have to encounter, however, in some parts of his poems he sheds some hope and happiness on the plight of human kind, therefore to a low extent Hardy’s poems does in fact celebrate life in some small ways. Firstly, in the poem, “To an Unborn Pauper Child,” Hardy considers the probable fate of the unborn child and its future life of struggle, due to the fact that it will be destitute and joys in life would not come easy to him and actually pleads the foetus to no enter this almost cruel world. He reflects heavily on the plight of this human being, ignorant to the harsh world, and is so moved that even though he is describing the miracle of life as a sorrowful event he his highly compassionate because he does not want the child to go through the hardships in life and is represented in his language. An important factor of human existence is the inevitability of changing time, but in the first stanza of this poem, the poet sees time as the enemy of man and just highlights the fact that time is just an indicator of man’s close proximity to death. Hardy’s thoughts on time being negative in people’s lives doesn’t give off a celebratory tone about life because with time persons are able to grow and discover things about themselves, find new relationships and positive changes can come along which can improve life. He only reflects on the fact that the positive things will deteriorate by time. For example, this is seen in the devices used such as the alliteration,...
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