Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics and a Career in Crisis

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Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis


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Answer 1] Frank Davis, marketing director, is an excellent strategic player. He sorts through all of the possibilities, though short term, and find the best effective way to move forward. As he had just been promoted from the position of a senior market specialist he for sure was competent and experienced in the way things should be done. He got used to a precise planning of an every detail, schedule and documentation. That depicts him as a highly organized person with perfect managerial skills. David’s strong analytical strength mixed with his 15 years of experience in Dynamic Displays enabled him to visualize 10% growth rate. Davis has authoritarian leadership style who keeps strict, close control over followers by keeping close regulation of policies and procedures given to followers. Davis seems to be direct and to the point, as well as being very well adjusted to the bureaucracy at this level of management. When it comes to work style he is meticulous in details and requires that recommendations and strategies be justified using hard data.   He prefers to stay in a positive mindset in order to keep moral up.  Davis pays much attention to the office politics, strong efforts and enthusiasm of the employee. Davis is more of the initiating structure, which is proven to increase job performance. Davis expected to be treated like a veteran employee who has gained much knowledge over the years he has worked in the department. He wanted the ability to show his skills in knowing what would be best for the department. As a supervisor, it is Davis’ expectation that Green comply with provided recommendations for changes in attitude, behavior, and communication. Answer 2] Thomas Green is portrayed as visionary. He could see where market is going in the long term and he could think of related ideas that should be implemented. This is illustrated by Green's focus of developing new up-selling software. He commented "the only way for us to capture growth is if we can convince the airlines that our products have revenue generating opportunity and other advantages over web check-in". Green's strong woo talent made him love the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over. McDonald, division VP, also complimented Green that he has a great rapport with his clients. After all he was able to convince McDonald that he is a better fit for the new senior marketing specialist position. Green leads with significance by sharing an ambitious attitude. He wanted to come in and dazzle people at Dynamic Displays. He likes to work independently. Green's self-assurance talent is expressed by his overly self-confidence and bold behavior. Green is more of a face to face guy. He delivers is ideas to the clients and expect them to jump on board just by trusting his ideas. Green’s leadership style is being inventive. Green’s leadership style is more productive when it comes to execute a task. While he is a hard worker and self-motivated he has trouble taking direction from others. He would prefer face to face communication, building rapport with other employees, and cultivating strong relationships.   He listens to the comments others are making and responds to them on the spot with little or no preparation or forethought. In essence, he would like to under-promise and over-deliver. Green was interested in the end result of the performance, not in the detailed plan or a structure of the job. Green seemed to expect that he would just be accepted because the McDonald vouched for him personally. He felt he deserved because of his status with the higher ups of the company. Green wants to have authority and then work independently without following certain standards that other require. He would like to be more focused towards producing the results. Answer 3] Green's...
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