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After working for five months as an account executive, Thomas Green was directly promoted as the Senior Market Specialist by the vice president of the company, Shannon McDonald, because of immense potential exhibited by him. However, Frank Davis, Green’s boss, did not intend to choose Green as the new senior market specialist. Green and Davis disagreed on work styles and market projections. Green believed that the sales goals set by Davis are based on "creative accounting" and he grossly overstated the existing market environment. A mood of silent conflict developed quickly between them. Davis was very unhappy about Green’s performance and working attitude even after three months of his promotion. Green was concerned that Davis was building a case to fire him. Green, after learning that Davis had sent a mail to McDonald regarding his performance, was very worried about the situation and did not know how he should explain his perspective to McDonald. In order to salvage his professional carrier, Green could either compromise by changing his work style and working in conformity with Davis’ requirements or escalate to McDonald the problems and concerns faced by him and prove his point with credible data. We recommend that Green should choose to compromise as he was appointed as senior market specialist despite being less experienced. He was also under heavy financial burden. In order to become a successful manager, he should learn to deal with this kind of situations in his professional life.



Thomas Green, a 28 year old account executive at Dynamic Displays, was promoted to the position of Senior Market Specialist by Vice President Shannon McDonald. Green was proactive, dynamic, enthusiastic and hardworking but was inexperienced in managerial skills. His immediate boss, 45 year old Frank Davis was promoted as Marketing Director and wanted to bring in a person of his choice to the position vacated by him. However, McDonald, due to the instant bonding that she had with him and also because of the immense potential exhibited by him, promoted Green. Green and Davis had fundamentally different working styles. Green had a directorial approach whereas Davis was an analyser. Within two weeks of Green’s promotion, Davis complimented Green on his ideas, but did advise him to concentrate more on preparing for client meetings, developing significant support details for market analysis, which Green ignored. In a Budget plan meeting, Green openly challenged sales projections presented by Davis, making him visibly upset. In the monthly performance review, to Green’s surprise, Davis listed out a number of problems he had encountered with Green’s work. Davis also mentioned his perception of Green having a conservative and negative outlook to McDonald. After the performance review, Green started working independently on developing a new up selling and cross selling software to airline passengers, which won him accolades from other marketing specialists and various clients. During the course of time, Green avoided meetings with Davis and also continued allegations on Davis for deliberately holding the firm with his upbeat projections. In the next performance review, Davis alleged Green of continued deficiencies in his work and attitude. Later, Davis complained the same to McDonald in response to which she sent a short mail to Green asking for justification. Green is now under the impression that he is about to be fired by Davis.

What Steps should Green take in order to salvage his professional career? 3. OPTIONS
1) Compromise: Change his working style as per Davis’ requirements 2) Escalate to Shannon McDonald: Explain his perspective to McDonald 4. Criteria for Evaluation
1) Job Security
2) Job Performance
3) Work-Life balance
4) Self Esteem
5) Professional relationships

5. Evaluation...
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