This I Believe Essay

Topics: High school, Kentucky, College Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: January 15, 2011
Justin Paxson
Composition 1
January 8, 2011
“Never Say Never”
“Come on Blake just one time, no one will know, just take one sip and one puff.” And from that day forward I started smoking black and mild’s, which lead to a daily routine. In high school, I never thought I would smoke nor drink, until I went to college.

Being in high school, I always thought drinking and smoking was unhealthy. It leads to more serious problems that you cannot control. I was always the bigger person out of my group of friends, who would tell them right from wrong, about how unhealthy it was. It was even one point in time; I went as far as researching and handing out the literature of smoking. As the result, I lost a few friends along the way, due to handing out the literature.

Once I attended college at Western Kentucky University, it seemed as if things changed dramatically. The quote “Never Say Never” really hit me like a ton of bricks. While it may be true of smoking being unhealthy, in spite of this knowing how smoking and drinking was abominable. I went out on a limb knowing it was beyond my beliefs.

However, I was more than one hundred miles away in a strange environment. Within a few days, I started meeting people from different cities. I became close to this one particular girl and I began to hang with her and her friends. Soon afterwards things immediately changed from my beliefs of smoking and drinking. Just to fit in, I decided to take a puff and a sip.

Once I took that one puff and that one sip. Smoking became an everyday ritual, as to where drinking was an every now and then process. But in my heart, I knew that the decision I was making was not right for me. I kept telling myself day in and day out. But the peer pressure of my friends forced me in the wrong direction.

The conclusion is to always stick to what your beliefs are and that other people may not believe what you think is correct....
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