This I Belief Essay

Topics: Risk, Personal life, Religion Pages: 4 (1105 words) Published: June 13, 2015
“This I Believe” Essay
“He does not believe, that does not live according to his belief,” a quote from famous author Thomas Fuller which emphasizes the importance of belief in the life of every human being. Every person in the earth lives on some beliefs and principles. People have their unique ideas, beliefs and principles which they try to follow in their daily life. They form this values and principles from many different sources like their family, society, religion, profession, education etc. Belief is something that drives a person toward his goal. A person that does not follow or respect his own belief has no aim in life. The top three principles that I believe and try to follow in my daily life as a marketing major student are friendliness, risk taking and equality. The first principle that I follow is friendliness. I love to meet new people and connect with them. I have friends from different religion and cultures and I love to learn about their lifestyles, customs and beliefs. In my opinion, friendliness involves greeting strangers with a smile, connecting with people effectively, always paying attention to the people while having a conversation and responding to them appropriately. There are lots of examples of friendliness around us. Greeting the checkout person at the grocery store, engaging in conversation with the person in line next to you, offering to help a person in need of help, smiling at a stranger or someone you know, offering a ride to your neighbor, whose car is in the repair shop might be some of the good examples of friendliness. I can share a story from my personal experience related to friendliness. There was an old man who used to live next to our house. He had two daughters who lived in abroad and his wife had passed away. So, he lives all alone by himself. Once I offered him to help him clean his apartment, he happily accepted my offer. Then, we cleaned his apartment together and he thanked me for being so kind to him. The...
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