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Biopsychology syllabus

Psychology 220.002| Lee Hutson|
Biopsychology| Office: 128 Davie Hall|
Spring 2013: MWF, 3 – 3:50pm||
Peabody 216| Office hours: by appointment (for now)|

TEXTBOOK:  Pinel, John P.J. (2011). Biopsychology (8th Ed.) Boston, MA: Ally & Bacon

COURSE DESCRIPTION/OBJECTIVE:  This course will acquaint you with the biological mechanisms which underlie human behavior. 

Course Difficulty
Biological Psychology is an inherently difficult subject with a heavy vocabulary load, relative to other psychology courses. I suggest that you take time after each lecture to memorize the terminology, as cramming for exams will not work well for this course. This is because the lectures build on one another in terms of vocabulary, and the exams are designed to assess in-depth knowledge as opposed to superficial recognition of terms and concepts.

* Go to
* login with onyen and onyen password
* choose our class
If your Sakai login does not work, you will miss important emails and announcements, as well as be unable to complete your quizzes.  Contact 962-HELP (ITS) to resolve any Sakai issues.

* 4 Exams (80% of course grade): Your grade will be determined based upon your performance on four non-cumulative exams, which will contain fill-in-the-blank, matching, figure labeling, multiple choice, and short essay questions. You will be tested on mastery of the material discussed in lectures, presented in powerpoint presentations, and specifically assigned readings from the textbook.

* Make-up exams: If you miss an exam, you will receive a 0. If you have a legitimate schedule conflict (i.e., UNC business-related travel) and you notify me at least 1 week before the exam, you can take the exam up to two days in advance of the scheduled exam time. Of course, we will work with you in case of a documented medical emergency (i.e., doctor’s note stating that you had to stay in bed or in the hospital – not the same as a note verifying that you visited UNC Student Health…).

* Learning disabilities: If you have a learning disability and are eligible for extended exam time, please be sure to contact Academic Success Program for Students with LD/ADHD (formerly Learning Disabilities Services) to arrange for them to proctor your exams (  Please do this at least a week in advance of exams.

* You can review an exam up to 1 month after an exam.  You cannot review all exams at the end of a semester due to time contraints, so be sure to do this early!

* Quizzes (10 % of course grade)
* Quizzes are meant to give credit for effort, as well as to check your basic understanding of the reading. * Quizzes are to be taken on Sakai by 1 PM before the start of a lecture topic. * It is STRONGLY recommended that you not wait until the morning of the due date to take the quiz, as there are no extensions for computer problems, etc.  If you do have a problem, call ITS for assistance (962-HELP). * Open-book, but there is a 45 min. time limit. Quizzes which exceed 45 min. will not be given credit. * Multiple attempts are allowed.

* After submitting a quiz, it is your responsibility to make sure that the quiz score has been properly posted.  * If your computer has issues, try using the computers in Davis or the Undergraduate libraries.

* Papers (10 % of course grade)
* Papers must be submitted via Sakai, via the textbox.  It is STRONGLY recommended that you use the Word conversion tool (b/c if you lose your work while submitting on Sakai, you at least have a copy in Word--otherwise, all work may be lost). * Write your paper in Word

* Go into Sakai > Assignments
* Under "Assignment Title," click on the paper assignment you want to submit * Go back to Word...
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