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Topics: Education, Learning, Virtue Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Faith is one of the attitude that one must have through their lives.We must always remember to say our thanks to our Father in heaven because he is the one who gave us our life, and he gave us the freedom on how we should live our life. In times of trouble, he will always be by our side to guide and protect us from the dangers that can happen that might endanger our lives.

One must learn how to persevere through his or her life. Be ready to face every challenges that we will encounter in the mere future. Don’t give up so easily, there is a motto saying “Try and try until you succeed”.In perseverance, success is sure to follow its path.

Be patient in everything you do. Do be rash about things, like in group works you want to finish already without even thinking of the outcome of your project. Even in activities like building a tower with just using the day to day tools, be patient and think. Once you have this trait, it is easy to get what you want in life such as your goals or dreams.

Respect is one of the most important attitudes that one must have or acquire. There is a saying, “Respect begets respect”in which case tells us that when you respect someone, they will return the favor of respecting you. It is also important that you must have respect to your ownself, meaning you know the difference of right and wrong. Will the act that you are about to do will harm you and others or will it bring good outcomes not just for you but others too.

Lastly for the attitudes that one must have is to be trustworthy and learn who to trust. Let people know that you can be someone who they can share there opinions or problems with in exchange you can also tell them the problems that you are facing. Once someone has given there trust to you, make sure that you won’t break the trust that they have given you, trust is one of the most important things that humans have for each other in the society that we are living in today.

As a member of my family and the...
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