This Is Written in Response the Article: Don't Blame Me!

Topics: Obesity, Cancer, Overweight Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: October 19, 2005
This is written in response the article: Don't Blame Me!
The New "Culture of Victimization"
By: John J. Macionis
Written response by T.J. Carter

The fact is that they're dead. Dwelling on the past and saying that someone owed you something because my ancestors owned your ancestors is pointless. We should respect them by learning from their mistakes. It is in the human nature to sustain yourself and to watch out after your own survival, but, some people take this basic instinct too far. Sustaining yourself does not mean you have to go through some of the means that these people have gone through. If their coffee was too hot and their tongue got burnt, they act as if the people in the restaurant had cut it off with a machete, and thus, they sue the poop out of them.

Smokers will blame the cigarette companies for them getting cancer when it says it will give you cancer on the side of the box. Yummy; cancer sticks. There is a court case now where two overweight women are suing McDonalds for their weight problem. These people should learn to take responsibility for their own actions and the results thereof, and not blame the people who make the products. They did not light the cigarette and they did not stuff the biggie sized, triple deluxe value meal #4 with a large shake down their throats. I'm ready to take the responsibility for my own life and not to make sorry, pathetic excuses for what happens as a result of what I do. We are all different in our own unique ways but we all have a common link. We must all be held accountable for our actions. I am not better, but at least I am different.
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