This Is Where World Peace Begins Analysis

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This Is Where World Peace Begins

"Our mission is to change the world and bring world peace with words. We give the world a new message and let the message speak for itself. We simply point out the unique, inspiring elements in the message to give the world a new perspective.
Epiphany has been to many colleges and universities, churches, temples, mosques, cathedrals, and synagogues. I spoke to many pastors, imams, rabbis and priest, they all read the message and they believe in the message. They hold Epiphany in the highest esteem. It is a beautiful message that they see is true.
This message is for people of all beliefs. It is the one thing we all agree on. This message bonds us together and this is where peace begins. We have a new future....

Make this message your own. Epiphany is a unifying message for everyone. Study the message, memorize the message, and teach the message. Know the message by heart. Introduce this message to your colleagues, family and friends. Be a messenger for the new message. Let the message speak for itself and let those who listen interpret its meaning. Link the message to your social networks and post it on your website.

2. Talk to people. Engage in dialogue. Expand the dialogue into public arenas, schools, colleges, and universities. As the dialogue progresses, people will naturally gravitate toward the “life cycle” element in the new message as the most practical explanation of our existence.

3. Develop marketing and promotion campaigns to promote the new message. Collaborate with the media. Contact reporters and various media outlets. Outline your efforts to share this message and publish articles about the new message. Work with public relations firms and production houses. Produce commercials, PSA’s (public service announcements). Design billboards, consult event planners and engage local...

Advocate world peace to stop violence against children. Children are the most vulnerable victims. The new message for the world reduces conflicts rooted in differences of beliefs.

8. We are in a worldwide war. To end the war we need something that everyone believes in. All you have to do is share the new message with the world. Give this message to your enemy, now you and your enemy share the same belief. This is how peace begins.

9. Get this message to people who can develop strategies to disseminate information to various agencies around the world. These agencies will in turn disperse the new message to resources on the ground for distribution.

10. Women’s organizations' commitment to world peace and international collaboration is essential. These organizations are a strong symbol for world peace. Now they can walk a new path toward peace through the new message. With the large footprint of sororities and women's groups, we can make a profound impact on this planet.

The sooner you start, the quicker we get there. A new future is waiting for us.

"Imagine to change the world and bring world peace"

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