This Is England

Topics: English-language films, Mod, Punk rock Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: January 24, 2013
This is England
When Shaun threw the flag in the sea, he realized that to have prejudices over black peoples or being too nationalistic is wrong. When the flag floated on the water surface, memories came about his father who went to war for England that unfortunately died. Shaun wishes if every citizens in every counties united as a unit, so the focus of racism reduced as little as possible and opens for multicultural backgrounds. Shaun thinks about visiting the Nazi group who made him feels like a real man but he will first speak to Milky first and have his opinion. Shaun went to the hospital to visit Milky, his condition was horrible. Shaun slept over in the hospital and waited for Milkys recovering. When the day past and Milky was able to talk, they decided to leave the skinheads and charge them for what they have done. They don’t want to be a skinhead anymore. They decided to take revenge and beat Combo until he almost can’t breathe anymore. Shaun knew that Combo was still in the apartment and trying to start a new crew with some others skinheads. Shaun and Milky waited for Combo outside his apartment and got ready to attack him from the behind. They stabbed him with a knife once in the back so he felt down on his knees and started to beat him until they got tired. Combo went to prison because what he had done to his friends but Combo didn’t charge Shaun and Milky because he felt guilty.
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