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Subject: Science
Date: September 23, 2012
Grade and Section: Grade III-A

S.Y. 2012-2013

Identify living things and non-living things.
Classifying living and non-living things.
II.Subject Matter:
Identifying and classifying living and non-living things.

B.Materials: Pictures of different kind of living and non-living things.

C.Science Concept: All things can be classified as living and non-living things. D.Science Process: Identifying, observing, classifying

E.Values Infused: Awareness of the living and non-living things.

III.Learning Strategies

Teachers Activity
Checking of Assignment
Good Morning Class!
Before we start our lesson for this day, let us stand for our prayer. Kindly get your assignment and we will check it.

Let us sing the song”

2.Science Word Drill
Please read the following words
Tree, chalk, cat, dog, man, paper, pencil

Give examples of living things and non-living things.

Very good! Now look inside the room and observe.
What do you think are the living and non-living things here in our classroom, class?

B.Lesson Proper

Do you have dog in your house, class?
How about toy, class? Do you have toys, class?

Which one is classified as living thing? Is it dog or a toy?

This morning class, we are going to discuss the living things and non-living things.

Kindly get a paper and pen, class. Make a list of all the things you see inside and outside the windows, class. Classified them into a living thing or a non-living thing.

Kindly go to the board class, and write one of the things you observe and classified them either living things or a non-living thing? Give some reason why did you put those things either living or Non-living things?

Very good, class!
That’s right, living things are things that needs air, water air, food, shelter and etc., in short living things have life. While non-living things this are things do not have life.

3.Developmental Activity
A.I will be dividing you into 3 groups. Each group will choose their leaders. Leaders of the group will report their work after 3 minutes. Each group will be given pictures of the living and non-living things. You will paste those pictures to the column chart either living things or non-living things.

B.Setting the standards in the Group work.
Before we start the activity we should remember:
1.Do not make unnecessary noise and movement.
2.Be cooperative with the group in giving ideas about the topic. 3.Talk softly.
4.Read and understand the question.

C.Performing the activity
Are you ready to perform the activity, class?
May I request the leaders of each group to get their materials here. You may now do your work. I will just give you 3 minutes for this activity

D.May I request the leaders to post their work in front and say something about their work.

4. Discussion
What are the different things you can see in the picture?
Very Good!
What type of things are these pictures, class?

How about these pictures? What are the things you can see?
What type of things are these pictures?

Very Good!

What are the examples living things?

What are the non-living things?

Very Good!

The teacher will post pictures of different things on the board. The pupils will then classified and post the pictures to the board either living or non-living things.

Identify the following that are classified as living things or non-living things by choosing and encircling the correct answer. 1.Which of the following is an example of living things?
2.Which of the following...
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