This Boys Life

Topics: Kill, Family, Protagonist Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: April 1, 2007
This Boys Life
By: Jessica Ceccolini

I am doing a biography on Dwight, he is the stepfather to Jack the main character. Dwight who was a short man with curly brown hair and brown eyes. He smelled of gasoline, his legs were small for his thick chested body. Dwight dressed very different from people he had two toned shoes, hand painted tie, monogrammed blazer with a monogrammed handkerchief always in the breast pocket. Dwight was a great dancer, and very nice at the beginning of the story he was also very considerate of others. He was always trying to win Jacks mother over so that he could marry her and they would be a happy family. He was also very helpful, but sometimes too helpful because people couldn't do anything without my help. Dwight thinks be the man of the house is the most important and also being in control of everything. The most crucial decision he ever made was when he decided to make Jack his son make him live with them as a family. The consequences of that move was crucial and a terrible choice because all Dwight ever did was make Jack do stupid stuff, and beat him up. Dwight was never nice to Jack ever and it got worse when Jacks mother and Dwight got married because then Dwight had the power to do whatever he wanted to Jack which was terrible. Jacks mother thinks he is a wonderful man at first until he becomes violent with her and she wants to then move out and get a divorce but Dwight threatens her if she leaves he will kill her and Jack. Jack thinks he is the most terrible person in the world because the way he treats him and also the way he treats his mother. The other characters opinion matter because it is all up to Jacks Mother decisions which are bad and that is why the book is called " This Boys Life" because it all about how he got screwed over when his mother married the devil. I absolutely hate this character because he just so terrible to children and he think he controls everybody and that is what pisses me off about him....
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