Thirty Years' War and Louis Xiv

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_____1. The end of the Hundred Years' War encouraged the growth of centralized government in France for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

(A) the nobility had been weakened by the war
(B) the monarchy had led the fight against the English
(C) the revival of commerce increased the taxable revenues of the bourgeoisie (D) nobles were recruited to serve as government administrators (E) the king was able to keep a strong standing army

_____2. Francis I further consolidated centralized power by levying the taille, a tax on:

(A) all land and property
(B) on peasant crops
(C) on the Gallic Church's income
(D) on the landholdings of the nobility
(E) on imports

_____3. When Henry IV remarked, "Paris is well worth a Mass," he was referring to

(A) his prayers for the fall of the city during his siege of it (B) his expected visit during the Easter season
(C) his conversion to Catholicism to gain popular favor (D) his conversion to Calvinism to gain support of the Huguenots (E) his visit with the pope to gain absolution

_____4. The Edict of Nantes, issued by Henry IV in 1598, was one of most significant acts of his reign because of all the following reasons EXCEPT

(A) it was one of the first gvernmenta1 guarantees of religious freedom in Europe (B) it granted Huguenots civil and political equality with Catholics (C) it continued the bitter civil war between Catholic and Protestant (D) it brought peace to France

(E) it granted Huguenots political control of many towns in France

_____5. Probably the most important step Cardinal Richelieu took to strengthen centralized government and an absolutist monarchy in France was

(A) to involve France in the Thirty Years' War
(B) to institute the intendant system to oversee the provinces (C) to levy taxes on the clergy and nobility
(D) to suppress the musketeers
(E) to ban private duels within the realm

_____6. When Louis XIV said 'L'état, c'est moi," he was referring to

(A) his role as an enlightened despot with the peoples' best interests in mind (B) his assumption of the role of his own prime minister upon the death of Mazarin (C) his title as Sun King

(D) his resistance to the Frondeurs
(E) his belief in the divine right of kings

_____7. All of the following accurately describe the reign of Louis XIV EXCEPT

(A) he dominated the French or Gallican Church
(B) he took away the independent authority of the nobility (C) he filled his government with bourgeois advisors
(D) he impoverished the national treasury by building the Palace at Versailles (E) the Golden Age of French culture coincided with his reign

_____8. Why, if during the reign of Louis French was the "universal language" and French styles were the measure of good taste, was the French army called the Huns of the 17th century?

(A) It relied primarily on cavalry tactics.
(B) It recruited troops from the Russian steppes.
(C) Large, modern, and aggressive, it upset the continent's balance of power. (D) Its top commanders--Turenne, Vauban, and Conde--had trained under Attila. (E) It was the first European army to include integral artillery.

_____9. During the 16th and 17th centuries, while France developed absolutism, the English monarchy was checked by

(A) a strong peasantry
(B) a few powerful and independent noble families
(C) a Bill of Rights guaranteeing individual freedoms
(D) the Anglican Church
(E) strong Parliament

_____10. That England developed a constitutional government can be explained by all of the following EXCEPT

(A) the English kings rejected the divine right theory (B) the Tudor monarchs, lacking a legitimate claim to the throne, had to cooperate with...
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