Thirty Years War

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Cameron Stewart
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FRQ: Thirty Year’s War Effects
The Thirty Year’s War was a large influence in the turning point of European history. Leading up to the war, lasting three decades, were the religious catastrophes. Catholicism had always been the sole religion in Europe. In the sixteenth century came a catholic monk, named Martin Luther, who had some disagreements as to how the church was being run. Luther’s argument against the church was that anybody could interpret the Bible, as opposed to just the priests and Pope. According to Lutheranism, righteousness is achieved by faith alone. He went on to revolt King Charles IV of the Holy Roman Empire. Luther’s postings of the 95 Thesis attacked the Holy Roman Empire. John Calvin later came along and took the Protestant belief a step further. He argued that God chose whether a person had salvation or not long before one was created. Though Calvin was not as threatening to the Holy Roman Empire, Calvinism was eventually recognized as a major religion along the Rhine River. Following the Religious Reforms came religious wars. France, at the time, was in the middle of Calvinists trying to expand and Catholics trying to defend the Calvinists. This brought a series of wars called the French Wars of Religion. Lack of rule from the Medici family allowed these wars to brake out. The Edict of Nantes was issued in the late sixteenth century declaring that French Calvinists, also called Huguenots, were given religious tolerance. This edict ended the French Wars, but still left a bitter taste in Europe’s religious views. In a sense, the French Wars of Religion foreshadowed the events of the Thirty Year’s War. The most noteworthy effect of the Thirty Year’s War was the modified political governing. From now on, religious affairs are overlooked and a monarchy is responsible for the running of a country.

One reason why politics were the most influenced factor in the outcome of the...

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