Thirteen Reasons Why Paper

Topics: Friendship, English-language films, High school Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Hannah Baker was just an average girl that did everything average high school girls did. But during her high school life many events happened that led to the end of her short life. All of these events played a vital role in why she committed suicide; she lost trust in people, believed no one cared about her, and just gave up.

One reason why Hannah ended her life was because she did not have one person in her life that she could turn to for anything. Everyone in her life was there to either gain something from their friendship or they were just trying to be nice, no one was a real friend to Hannah. One friend that used her to gain something was Courtney Crimson, she pretended to be friends with her to maintain her flawless reputation of being friends with everyone and no one disliking her. Hannah thought that she might have been a true friend until one night at a party. Hannah realized Courtney was just using her when she said, “She only invited me to the party to clear her beautiful name…” (pg. 116). More “friends” were her friends she would meet at the coffee house, Alex and Jessica. She was sort of friends with them but in end not really. They would meet up at the coffee house but Hannah said that she never understood why she went but she always went. Alex and Jessica were never real friends to Hannah either.

The other reason Hannah ended her life was she was thought to be just a sexual object among her “friends”. Her first kiss, Justin Foley, spread rumors that they kissed and did other sexual stuff when Hannah did not do anything other than kiss. Justin only said those things so he would seem “cool” among his friends. Everyone knew about Justin and Hannah’s kiss because of his rumors. As hard as she tried to prove them wrong she had no real evidence that she did not do those things, besides her own word. “We just held our lips together…and kissed. And that’s it. Wait. Stop. Don’t rewind. There’s no need to go back because you didn’t miss a thing. Let me...
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