Thirteen Reasons Why

Topics: Suicide, Tape, Crash Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: October 2, 2010
Thirteen reasons. That is all it takes for Hannah Baker to take her own life. And upon taking her own life, she leaves behind her legacy; a box filled with seven double-sided cassette tapes carefully scrutinizing the events that caused her to commit suicide. A box that passes around to each of the thirteen reasons mentioned on the tapes. And when the tapes finally reach Clay Jenson, he is greatly shocked because somewhere on those tapes, he is mentioned…and for being on those tapes, he is an accessory to the death of Hannah Baker. The reasons vary greatly, ranging from a girl being a shallow friend to an account of rape to a fatal car accident. They are not put in any specific order of importance, but it is obvious which tapes hold a more solid motive behind Hannah’s death. Evidently, being just feet away from a rape in progress holds more bulk than having a couple compliments stolen away in a Peer Communications class. Hannah even says herself, during Clay’s portion of the tapes, “Clay, honey, your name does not belong on this list” (200). However, Clay is still mentioned on the tapes as a cause of her death. Hannah admits on this tape that her reasons are not all equally weighted. Some people did deserve to be on those tapes more than others. Some people deserve more guilt for their appearances on the tapes. Out of all of the thirteen reasons that are mentioned on the tapes, the one that is the most unexpected was the car crash. It is mentioned throughout the story vaguely and very quickly, giving nothing more but an inkling of what really unfolded on that night. All that is know about the incident up until this reason is given is that it was a car crash that involved a teenager and an older man and took somebody else’s life away. I did not expect full elucidation on this subject; I did expect the predicament to be used as a firm backdrop for other events and reasons to become ensnared into the hysteria of Hannah’s death. However, the unexpected part is not...
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