Thirteen Colonies and New England Puritans

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Summer Assignment
Mr. O’handley Nicholas West
Due Date: Sept. 5 2012

AP U.S. Summer Assignment

Nicholas WestMr. O’handley7/27/12

 “With the dawn of the 16th century, there came together in Europe both the motivation and the means to explore and colonize territory across the sea.” -Trade- the concurring of the Inca Empire led by Francisco Pizarro led to the shipping of tons of gold and silver to Spain causing inflation. Also the colonization of the new world led to the exporting of corn, potatoes, pineapples, tomatoes, tobacco, beans, vanilla, and chocolate. Trade also led to the start of slave labor of Africans and the new worlds people in the new world and the beginning of the Colombian exchange. The deal wasn’t so sweet for the other receiving end of trade. While the old world received natural rescores the new world received many foreign diseases like the bubonic plague and small pocks. -Religion- Spanish conquistadors used the means of god, glory and gold to explore other foreign territories and colonize their country. Missionary’s had come to the new world as directed by the roman catholic church to spread the word of god to the people of the new world that had many different gods because the people of the new worlds were known as heretics to the old world. The spread of religion caused conflict between the Roman Catholic Church and many other religions in the new worlds because the church tried to suppress native religions and had caused uproars like the pope’s rebellion.   

1. Assess the democratic characteristics in the English colonies of two of the following: Virginia- 1619 representative self-government was born when the Virginia Company authorizes settlers to summon an assembly known as the House of Burgesses and the establishment was the first of many miniature parliaments to flourish. All of the colonies were connected by trade and decided to permit some religious tolerance. Maryland- the Act of toleration was passed in 1694 by the local representative assembly, which granted toleration to all Christians but decreed the death penalty for Jews or atheists. Ch.2: In what way did the English colonies develop differently from the Spanish and French colonies? The English colony developed different by making some effort for minor democratic rule in the colonies, the English colonies were mainly agricultural in the production of corn, tobacco, and other agricultural goods .The French and Spanish colonies enslaved the people of there colonies rather than try to make peace with the natives. But slavery was found in all the plantation colonies, though only after 1750 in reform minded Georgia.

Ch.3: how do you account for the fact that while religious freedom was central to the development of some colonies, it was denied in other colonies? Power held by the church is great but power over the church by a monarch is greater this is exactly what King James I believed and anyone who would get in his way of ruling is merely a pawn and a small hurdle for the development of the colonies. King James I threatened and harassed separatists out of England because separatists vowed to entirely break away from the Church of England and he feared that the separatists would defy him as a political leader let alone spiritual leader. Puritans left from England to Holland to avoid persecution and feared their children to be “dutchified” so they left Holland as pilgrims and settled in at Plymouth. The colonies choice of a specific religion was a mere feeling of safety, like in the early 1900’s when all races who immigrated to America choose to live in the neighborhood of their race like Italian because it was familiar. The church also believed anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ is a heretic. So it boils down to what the church says goes.

Ch. 4: compare and contrast the economies, geography and climate, mortality rates, sex...
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