Topics: Suffering, Causality, English-language films Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: April 14, 2013
After watching the movie, Thirteen, there is a situational argument that arises. That argument being the decision of what was the foremost factors in Tracy’s, the main actress, life that caused her to be such a defiant thirteen year old. First of all, it is obvious that Tracy’s self-esteem has dropped. So, the question is “what had such a significant key in her life to cause her pain?” The two sides of that question are that she has low self-esteem because of issues or does her self-esteem drop because she wants to fit in.

In the movie, several key points rise in the favor that Tracy has issues, leading her to be defiant behavior. At the beginning of the movie, Tracy is an innocent, straight-A little girl who still has stuffed animals in her room. She is at the upper hand of the adolescence stage in a human beings life. This means that she is at a search for her personality and her place in life. We like to think of this stage as “trying on hats.” To cope with the emotional pain Tracy suffers from having a broken home, she smokes and she cuts. Around the time when Tracy and Evie become friends is when Tracy begins down the alleyway of sex, drugs, and stealing. Tracy begins forming a reputation once her and Evie’s friendship gets started. In my opinion, this is the foundation that caused Tracy’s lifestyle to change in the ways that it did. I think that Evie put a burden on Tracy’s life. Tracy wanted to fit in and be popular and the only thing that would make her that way would be to join the group that was popular. All in all, I personally believe that Tracy has low self-esteem problems due to the lack of a good, loving home causing her to smoke and cut herself. Therefore, she without all of this, she wants to fit in. Because she wants to fit it, Tracy ends up being a defiant adolescent that abuses drugs of all kinds, has sex, and stills thing all because she just wants to fit in.
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