Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Perception Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: December 4, 2012

Interpersonal communication does not comeup in everyday conversation. It is not disscussed or even contemplated by most, yet it is important to everyday life and yes even your health. There are advances in technology today that would have blown your mind not only a century ago but thirty years ago as well. But with this technology has come much lower levels of faceto face communtication, causing misconceptions to arise. People in todays society needto be more educated and aware of how interpersonal communtication affects our bussiness and personal lives, mental health, and our physical health. Good socializing with others has been proven to amp intellectual function, improve memory, and make you a much happier person. Bad socializing or even a lack of it has also been proven to cause coronary problems, a lower immune-system, and depression. Communicating with others also helps shape who we are and how we percieve ourselves. Different forms of communication also shape the way others think and act around us. I believe nonverbal communtication, listening and identity and the most important forms of communication. I chose the film “Thirteen” to portray my three forms of communication because this movie is based on a family fallen on hard times, and clearly shows both good and bad communication skills. The film “Thirteen” is a story of, well a thirteen year old girl named Tracy, she is astraight A student about to start middle school in inner-city L.A. Tracys home life is not always easy her mother is a recoverying addict and she has an older brother. On her first day of middle school she meets Evie Zamora, Evie is the “hottest” girl in school and also one of the “cool kids”. To fit in with the “cool” crowd Tracy confroms herself to look like them and act like them. She starts missing school and doing drugs, her relationship with her mother deteriorates, and as if this wasent enough she starts cutting. How does a smart beautiful get to this point you might...
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