Third Presidential Debate Critical Analysis

Topics: CBS News, Bob Schieffer, CBS Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: May 4, 2013
The Third Presidential Debate, which was televised in almost all the news channels, was the last chance for the candidates to make an impression on the undecided voters and if the candidate was successful at this debate then that means a bigger advantage for that candidate. I watched this live on the internet on ABC and Yahoo News. The format of the program is a debate in which there is a moderator and the two candidates that are running. The Third Presidential Debate had Bob Schieffer as the moderator who ask the candidates question and keep track of time. Bob Schieffer is a television news reporter for CBS for more than 23 years he has many jobs while working with CBS including: 1972–1974: CBS Sunday Night News anchor 1973–1996: 60 Minutes contributor 1973–2005: CBS Evening News anchor (Summer and weekend editions) 1982 – present: CBS News Chief Washington correspondent. May 1991 – present: Face the Nation moderator March 10, 2005 – August 31, 2006: CBS Evening News anchor. The participants of the debate and the mediator were dressed in an formal attire which included a coat jacket, formal shirt, a American flag pin attacked to the coat jacket, a tie that represented their party, and formal pants. There were many camera angles and shot but the main one is the whole screen focusing on the member that is speaking but they also had where the candidates were show right beside each other as they spoke. The program closed with the candidates shaking each other’s hands and greeting good-bye to the audience. The topic that were covered in the debate mainly focused on Foreign Policy and subtopics that included: War in Iraq and Afghanistan, The Middle Eastern Revolution, etc…, The topics which were asked in a question form where explained in detail on which the candidate would do to solve the problem in that question which most of the time included a situation so they were asked how the candidate would get out of a certain situation. They wanted us to...
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