Third Generation (3g) Wireless White Paper

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March 2000

Third Generation (3G) Wireless White Paper
Trillium Digital Systems, Inc. March 2000

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March 2000

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Introduction 3G Wireless Market Drivers Existing Mobile Networks Next Generation Mobile Networks Evolution to 3G Wireless Technology Comparison of 2G and 3G Mobile Networks Trillium's Wireless Software Solution About Trillium

March 2000


Third Generation (3G) mobile devices and services will transform wireless communications into on-line, real-time connectivity. 3G wireless technology will allow an individual to have immediate access to location-specific services that offer information on demand. The first generation of mobile phones consisted of the analog models that emerged in the early 1980s. The second generation of digital mobile phones appeared about ten years later along with the first digital mobile networks. During the second generation, the mobile telecommunications industry experienced exponential growth both in terms of subscribers as well as new types of value-added services. Mobile phones are rapidly becoming the preferred means of personal communication, creating the world's largest consumer electronics industry.

The rapid and efficient deployment of new wireless data and Internet services has emerged as a critical priority for communications equipment manufacturers. Network components that enable wireless data services are fundamental to the next-generation network infrastructure. Wireless data services are expected to see the same explosive growth in demand that Internet services and wireless voice services have seen in recent years.

This white paper presents an overview of current technology trends in the wireless technology market, a historical overview of the evolving wireless technologies and an examination of how the communications industry plans to implement 3G wireless technology standards to address the growing demand for wireless multimedia services. Finally, this paper presents Trillium’s solutions which enable wireless communications and Internet infrastructure equipment manufacturers to develop 3G network elements for quick and efficient deployment.

March 2000


3G Wireless Market Drivers
Telecommunications service providers and network operators are embracing the recently adopted global third generation (3G) wireless standards in order to address emerging user demands and to provide new services. The concept of 3G wireless technology represents a shift from voice-centric services to multimedia-oriented (voice, data, video, fax) services. In addition, heavy demand for remote access to personalized data is fueling development of applications, such as the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and multimedia management, to complement the 3G protocols. Complementary standards, such as Bluetooth, will enable interoperability between a mobile terminal (phone, PDA etc.) and other...
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