Third Bridge Conundrum

Topics: Istanbul, Bosphorus, Sea of Marmara Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Third Bridge Conundrum

Istanbul, where also known as Constantinopolis, is one of the oldest cities in the world history. Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey and still Istanbul’s population is increasing day by day because of the new births and immigration. Due to high population, there is too many cars in Istanbul. Therefore, there is traffic problems which affects people’s life negatively. In order to solve traffic porblems government looking for solutions continuously. Although it has been argued that third bridge should be constructed on the Bosphorus, constructing the third bridge on the Bosphorus is not useful since it will harm the environment, it will lead to illegal settlement and it will bring uncontrolled population growth. It is commonly argued that the third bridge on the Bosphorus will reduce the traffic congestion, yet it will harm the environment. It is claimed that the third bridge will reduce the traffic congestion by directing the transiting heavy truck traffic to this bridge. Based on the article “Istanbul's third Bosphorus bridge to be built at city's northern edge”, minister stated that the third bridge will deal with most of transiting heavy vehicle traffic, which arises from using local roads of Istanbul (2010). However, the third bridge on the Bosphorus will damage the environment. Due to new roads and cars, increase in carbon emissions causes pollution of air, which is very important for the survival of all organizms. Also, increase in carbon emissions leads to greenhouse effect, which threatens human life seriously over the last years. Furthermore, third bridge will cause water pollution since road of the bridge will pass over the water basins. Also, new settlement areas around the bridge will pollute the water. The commision consisting of Kubat, Kaya, Sarı, Güler and Özer says that third bridge will cause enlargement of residential districts to the northern sides ; thus, forests will be damaged and water will be...
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