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Purpose and Scope of the Study
The Pangasinan State University Urdaneta Campus has its rules and regulations in order to keep the balance of student-professor relation. And in order to be called a PSU Student in the said campus, one must enroll in subject/s. To complete the procedure of being a student, a subject eventually must have an instructor or a professor. Every instructors/professors has their own characteristics, behaviors and including their performances in teaching a subject matter. Talking about performances, the Campus will conduct a faculty evaluation. The students are given an evaluation forms to be answered so that the Department Chairmen and even the Campus Executive Director can easily determine where the faculty members lack and what they need to work further.

Students play an integral role in the academic life of the university through their participation in the evaluation of the faculty .The proposed project entitled “Computerized Faculty Evaluation System (CFES) for Pangasinan State University Urdaneta Campus” is to improve the quality of teaching and learning to both individual faculty members. Responses to the CFES provide information on students' perceptions of their commitment, learning outcomes, the instructor's behavior and course activities. This feedback will help guide changes in future iterations of the course and/or the instructor's teaching. Responses also serve as one measure of the quality of faculty member's teaching that is used to evaluate faculty for promotion and tenure.

The proposed system is intended for in depth evaluation and analysis of the existing manual procedure of faculty evaluation of Pangasinan State University Urdaneta Campus. The proponents will develop a user-friendly system that will enhance the faculty evaluation. The proposed system is design to lessen the workload of the staff in charge in the processing of the tallying evaluation records. In connection with this, the system...
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