Think Piece

Topics: English-language films, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Following Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: November 2, 2008
Think Piece 3
By: Mike Znack
Student ID: 3008923
Teacher: Rick McCutcheon
Class Number: CRS-1200-005
Due: October. 25, 2008

A classic scenario that would constitute as a microevent in my life would be whenever my mom pulls the guilt trip card on me. This means when she doesn’t get something that she wants, she makes me (or tries to make me) feel bad about it. There is either a minor or major conflict involved in this, More often than not it is something minor. Two quick examples are taking too many pieces of pizza at supper or forgetting to do the dishes after school. While 9 times out of 10 it is something minor, there is the occasional time where it is a major conflict and the guilt trip gets even more out of hand. An example of this could be if she borrows X amount of money from me and doesn’t pay me back by the time that I requested. When I confront her about it, she says that she needs to buy food, pay the bills, etc. I’d understand this fairly well, but she has a smoking habit that she spends 60-70 dollars a week on so it leaves me no choice but to insist that I get this money on time. When she pays me back she looks at me in sorrow and throws in comments like “Nice to know I can rely on you” or “Gee, my own son is doing this to me.”

Now that I have given a clear definition to what I mean when I say “guilt trip”, I will now go into a specific example with detailed information. The day was Friday and the setting was in the kitchen when a common scenario in my life came up. Our schedules appeared to conflict with each other. I had marked on the calendar that I had basketball after school on the following Thursday while she says that she needs me home to look after my seven year old brother. My sister, who is 16, was unavailable on that day because she is staying in the city to “hang out” with her boyfriend as she does three to four times a week. The first point that I brought up was that I am constantly at home doing homework and basketball is...
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