Think Philosophically

Topics: Mind, Thought, Meaning of life, Psychology / Pages: 6 (1274 words) / Published: Apr 6th, 2006
The meaning of "the goods of the mind are at least as important as the goods of the body" by Russel is good if we provide ourselves with the goods for our body as well as our mind. We can not separate the mind and the body because we think in our mind that, it is going to be reflected by doing so, as it has to be balanced. If we are breaking apart the goods of the body, we need shelter, foods, drinks, and also clothes to maintain our lives. The good of the minds are our knowledge and understanding of life. In other words, we provide our thinking by learning or being knowledgeable. If we just only provide goods for the body, we can not think as a human being. For example, if we are sluggish, in which we eat, rest and perform useless acts, we will be characterized as a sloth. However, our actions are performed to maintain our needs, such as happiness and survival. In order to do so, we have to achieve some valuable aspects in our lives. We don 't only provide our mind with education, but from other 's experiences and our beliefs as well.
The examples of philosophy based on my convictions, beliefs are: who created this universe, why does gravitational laws exists, and why is there no treatment for schizophrenia? I think what Russel clarifies in his philosophy is that we can 't justify a belief without logical reasoning, therefore we have to discover the roots and the reasons by combining science, with other factors, in order to conclude it into a belief. I am very certain, that there are scientific reasons that can justify the answers of those questions.
According to Russel philosophy cannot be maintained by definite answers to its questions. Five examples that I think that are insoluble are: religions, justice, after life, and last but at not least, free will. Those insoluble factors always maintains as a huge gap in philosophy, as everybody has different perspective towards them. In example, I may be able solve these problems by submitting myself to

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