Think Like a Man

Topics: Man, Film Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Anni Abariowei
Professor East
English 1101, section 37
January 21, 2013
Think Like a Man
If you want to watch a movie based on love, romance and comedy then paying $10.50 at any movie theatre near you is worth it. “Think like a man” is at the top of the charts for best movie of the month even possible for the year. Comedian Kevin Hart stars in this movie, which made the movie even more hilarious. This movie has a total of laughs, advice and romance which could have you in tears from laughter or from a sad scene in the movie.

This movie is based on a group of four friends that try to turn the tables on their girlfriends when they hear that their girls have been using a book published by Steve Harvey called, “Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady.” The book is basically about how guys play the game. The ladies use it so they can always be a step ahead of the game. Now the guys feel like Steve Harvey has betrayed them and their manhood by letting ladies around the world know how men think. The guys are now going to switch the game up which makes this film even more interesting.

Steve Harvey says there are four types of men: the momma’s boy, the non-committer, the dreamer and the player. Terrence J played the momma’s boy, now we all know that most guys love their mother, but there are a lot of momma’s boys out there. In this film, the momma’s boy brought his mom on his dates, hung out with her every Sunday, spent the night, and she also still does his laundry. In one scene of the movie, the momma’s boy had a girlfriend and he took her on a date for Valentine’s Day, and in addition, he brought his mother. If that’s not a deal breaker, then I don’t know what is. Scenes like this would have you crying with laughter.

This movie was made to entertain and to help out most relationships. In one scene, featuring the “non- committer,” he just wasn’t ready to purpose to the girl he has been with since college. They already lived together for many years and he...
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