Think & Grow Rich

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January 24, 2011

Think & Grow Rich
Most people in today’s society define success as someone who makes a lot of money or has done something important to help form today’s society. People such as Bill Gates or Donald Trump are considered successful because they have lots of money. Even actors whose lives are wrecked and destroyed are considered successful because of the money they have. Others, like Thomas Edison, are considered successful because of accomplishments they achieved in their lives. Thomas Edison, for example, created the light bulb, so most people would consider him successful. In his book, Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill gives 13 steps on how to have the right mindset, attitude, and ability to become successful.

The first thing Hill mentions is desire. He says the best thing to do with desire, is to use it to set goals. Whether it’s a getting a certain job, earning a certain amount of money, or doing something you’ve always dreamed of doing, the best way to achieve it is to set a goal. Not just any type of goals though. The goals should be specific. For example, a goal like I want to earn a million dollars isn’t really going to help you. It shows that you want a million dollars, but lacks desire. A better goal would be, I want to earn a million dollars before my twenty fifth birthday. If it is truly a desire, a person will do everything to reach that goal. And by setting specific goals, if gives a person the motivation and plan to reach their goals.

The second step to thinking rich is have faith. In order to think like a rich person, you must have faith that hard work will pay off, and in the future, you will reach your goals and achieve your dreams. One thing that could help is by repeating this and your goals to yourself. That is Hill’s third step. He refers to this as autosuggestion. By repeating something to yourself, you become more and more determined and your thoughts will eventually become a reality. It is kind of like studying a...
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