Think before You Act

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Think before You Act
By Roldens Paulynice


By Roldens Paulynice
On a summer day, it was very hot. The temperature was more than ninety eight degrees Fahrenheit. I went to a beach party in Port-au-Prince. The beach was full of people, trees, and rocks. It was amazing and awesome. At the beach, I saw a young lady. I approached her. "What is your name?" I asked her.

She said, "My name is Mary."
Her voice was so amazing and beautiful. I presumably felt that it was the first time that I heard a beautiful voice like that. Her eyes were green. Her hair was dark, and the color of her skin was red. She was very tall and sexy.

She wore a short shirt that was blue and white without sleeves and a white and black adidas shoes and a black bikini that absolutely or astonishingly suited her body shape. In addition to that, I could see her gorgeous belly button or her beautiful and sexy stomach and thighs that definitely turned me on or caused me to be lost or drove me to be certainly somehow crazy for her.

Mary and I continued to talk to each other. We got to know each other a little bit, we exchanged phone numbers so that at least I could have called her sometimes in order to listen to her beautiful voice, which would satisfy me, and we became friends. While we were talking to each other, we saw a black man who wore a big short pant without any shirt, which could make it visible to anyone to see his big stomach that rocked like a bowl fully of jelly and rosy red cheeks, and long size sandals or dangerously high or big peep toe heels feet likely to be on show. He was

very tall and big. Mary pointed her finger at him. "His name is Jean," said Mary. "He is one of my best friends." She called him. She introduced him to me. I talked to him, exchanging phone numbers with him, and I became friends with him too.

As I was at the beach, I felt that the sun shining down on me, the sand beneath my toes, and the tides coming in and out. The sand beneath my feet glittered brightly in the sunlight. The bright specks of umbrellas that dotted the seashore during the summertime were all around the beach. The beach was full of sand castles and buckets and children playing happily along the shore. This summer time beach was full of people and unbelievable. The sea was now dark and turbulent seeming as though it was hiding some deep secret beneath its murky waters. A few yards away, two seagulls stood silently, ominously gazing at the ocean's surf. Their stillness was unsettling as I remembered that last summer they had squawked and fluttered about, trying desperately to sneak a piece of a vacationer's picnic. The sky above was gray and stony, such a contrast to the bright sunshine, which was very hot, that had shone down on me last summer. I walked to the edge of the shore and stood mesmerized by the ocean. The ocean seemed angry. It crashed into the seaside, causing me to jump back. A few seconds later, another crash came forward this time almost knocking me over. I decided that I had had enough. I turned and walked back to the boardwalk vowing to only visit the beach in the summer. I turned back for one last look before I head home. The seagulls had not moved. They stood silently on the crowded beach on the hot weather or hot sand. They also seemed mesmerized by the dark and hot sea. The coconut trees gently swaying in the hot air.

It was getting dark. Mary, Jean, and I left the beach. While we were walking on the street, we continued to talk to each other. When we arrived at Rue de Champ-de-Mars, we said goodbye to each other. And we diverged.

When I arrived home, I lay down on my bed and took a deep breath. I could feel within my heart that I got convinced that Mary seemed to be the kind of girl whom I had been looking for, but a part of me said no. I kept thinking about how I could better the relationship between me and Mary. After a couple of hours, I fell asleep.

The next day had come. I called Mary because I wanted to get to...
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