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Things I Like to Do

By readingboy Dec 22, 2012 273 Words
Things I like to do

I like playing the guitar. Though I am not very good at it and am still learning, I can play some tunes. I spend quite a lot of time playing the guitar so much so I get scolded sometimes by my mother. I suppose I do tend to spend a bit too much time with it. Anyhow, playing the guitar is very enjoyable. I also like taking evening walks around my neighborhood. In the evening the air is cool and refreshing. The children are busy playing and the neighbors are friendlier. So I take leisurely strolls, sometimes stopping to play with other children and sometimes stopping to chat with the neighbors.

Another thing that I like doing is getting up late in the morning. During weekdays I have to get up early or I will not get to school on time. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, it is so pleasurable to just lie in bed in the morning without having to get up and hurry to school. Again I tend to lie too long in bed and my mother has to come and tell me to get up.

Listening to the radio and watching television are also things I like to do. Of course I do not listen and watch everything. I only tune in to my favorite programmes and enjoy myself while seated on my favorite chair.

There are other things that I enjoy doing too but there seems to be not enough time to do them all. So I generally just stick to doing those I mentioned plus any others that I have time for.

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