Things They Carried Character Analysis

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Kiowa is the emotional compass of Alpha Company, the one who gets everyone else to talk. He's thoughtful, respects the Vietnamese, isn't a coward, and he even has a sense of humor. We quickly learn that he's Tim's best friend in the war. Kiowa tries to comfort O'Brien after he kills the North Vietnamese soldier, and it is to Kiowa that Dobbins opens up about his respect for the ministry. The night before Kiowa is killed, he is in a tent speaking to him about his girlfriend left behind. He drowns under the muck of a sewage field about which his lieutenant, Jimmy Cross, has a bad feeling, and becomes another victim in a war that strips men of their character and turns them into a statistic. Kiowa helps O'Brien by making his transitions easier. He makes O'Brien more comfortable when he arrives at the war, talking to him about the others' jokes about corpses, and he tries to get O'Brien to talk about the Vietnamese soldier he killed. O'Brien tells the story of Linda to Kiowa. It is from Kiowa, therefore, that O‘Brien learns the importance of communicating, leading eventually to his becoming a writer. In some ways, Kiowa's death is what makes O'Brien a writer, a teller of stories. When he returns to Nam with Katherine, he takes her to the site of Kiowa's death in the field. Although O'Brien does not tell her the story of Kiowa, he brings her to that site so that he might pass the story on, just as he will pass on the story of how he killed a man when he feels Katherine is ready to hear it. Overall, Kiowa is probably the most likeable character in the entire book.

Azar is the guy who kills puppies without any remorse or thought of regret. When Ted Lavender adopts a puppy, Azar straps it to a mine, explodes it, and then completely fails to understand why everyone is mad at him. Azar is the ultimate “courageous” man. He's always boasting about how tough he is, or saying incredibly insensitive things; however, sometimes he can be really funny, or pulling an insane...
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