Things They Carried

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The Things They Carried Essay
            In the book The Things They Carried guilt plays a huge role in how the men react and carry themselves. How does the guilt affect the men and how they carry themselves?  In the book, the men in Alpha Company felt guilt for many things. Some felt guilty from killing while others from letting people get killed. In a way everyone feels guilty from something different, but yet they are feeling the same. Some of the men take the guilt in different ways some write while other burn pictures of the ones they loved. It can be said the guilt has changed the way they will carry themselves for the rest of their lives. I guess you could say that all soldiers in these situations would do the same that the men of Alpha did.             The first person that we see that feels guilty is Jimmy Cross. Jimmy was the lieutenant of Alpha company. Jimmy was not the leader type he was always thinking of home and the girl he liked, Martha “More than anything he want Martha to love him as he loved her”(O’Brien page1) . Jimmy kept Martha's picture and thought of her often. Jimmy would think of her on the beach, in volleyball, etc. One day Jimmy and his men were clearing the VC tunnels. Jimmy was thinking of Martha the whole time. Not soon after one of Jimmy's men, Ted Lavender was shot and killed. Jimmy immediately felt the guilty of not being on task and letting one of his men die. Jimmy thought if he burned his one distraction he would never let another one of his men die again. Later on Jimmy burns the pictures of Martha and abandons the pebble that she gave him. Guilt made jimmy be a better leader and take his actions serious, Jimmy never did forgive himself for letting Lavender die.             Tim O’Brien was one of the people who felt guilty while in the war.  Tim was one duty one night when a VC soldier walked by his post. Tim feeling scared threw a grenade, the soldier shuffled his feet and turned to run. The grenade killed him and made a...
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