Things That Make Me Angry.

Topics: Bullying, Psychological manipulation, Rudeness, Anger, Vending machine, Thought / Pages: 2 (315 words) / Published: Sep 8th, 2010
To ease this angry temper that I’ve dealt with for so long.
I thought I’d make myself a list, to try to right this wrong.
To make myself aware of what it is that drives me mad.
From now, as an adult, back to, when I was just a lad.

Rude people really get to me. Obnoxious and abusing.
Bullies tend to tick me off, with all their thoughtless bruising.
People who’re too good for me, so pompous in their thinking.
Authorities with too much clout, intent to see me shrinking.

Getting screwed in business deals, can bring my blood to boil.
Advantage being taken of me, by friends to who I’ve been loyal.
Two-faced, two-timing, sickening louts, to who I had always been kind.
Sticking it into my back far too often, down the road, I would, later out, find.

Sometimes traffic gets under my skin, when I have a whole lot to do.
Slow lines in the market. Slow lines at the bank, or restaurant I’m driving thru.
Money I’d lost in the vending machine, or the payphone that stole all my change.
Vehicle troubles! Appliances breaking! The schedules I try to arrange.

Unreasonable charges for services rendered, for mechanic and electronic repair.
Ridiculous billings from incompetent doctors, for impersonal medical care.
Being kept waiting! Being avoided! People who’re thoughtless to me.
No doubt I’ve a problem in dealing with anger. I’ve made it apparent to see.

These little frustrations, aren’t, soon, going away, as much as I’m wanting them to.
It’s obvious I need to find some new measures. To find a more positive view.
Life is too short, to fill it with anger. It’s obvious it must be nixed.
This is a part of my character that I’m, determined to see it is

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