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Things Fall Apart Women Roles

By epizzle Feb 01, 2011 307 Words
Women today play major roles in society, but were it like that 100 years ago? Was it like everywhere around the world? In things fall apart by Chinua Achebe shows us that even though women in Umofia don’t play a big role, they are key part of everyday Igbo Society life.

Women in igbo society are a small group with no power who were to be mothers, stay home and had no respect from the male figure. Women played the role of a typical house wife and always stayed at home and were not always heard of or were to be seen. The authority of women didn’t show much in the culture. One of the wives of Okonkwo who represents this is Ekwefi; second wife, and forced to stay home, life filled with sadness and with terrible luck with keeping a child. Giving birth to ten and only one surviving who is a girl, though she keeps a strong relationship with Ezinma. Devoting her life to Ezinma and treating her life a presius gift. Achebe describes Ekwefi as a higly devoted mother.

We see that in the book as a role of a woman is to listen to the man of the house and to not ask questions but to just listen to what they demanded to do. early in the story, when Okonkwo brings Ikemefuna into his house, Okonkwo tells his wife that Ikemefuna belongs to their tribe and that she is responsible for him and to look after him. She asks him if he will be staying with them for a long time, This question makes Okonkwo mad. He shows his anger towards her questioning, and asks her “When did you become one of the elders of Umuofia?” this making women look weak in scoeity, and making her look small and unimportant.

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