Things Fall Apart Women

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In the novel “Things Fall Apart”, written by Chinua Achebe women are looked at as to do anything and everything for their men. They are to do as the men say. The women are sole providers for the men. They play the submissive role in the relationship between sexes. Women can also do things like farm, trade, and handicrafts. Their main responsibilities were the domestic tasks at home. Women are also the sole educator for the children. The women tried to help the children socialize and learn about humanity, relationships, etc. Women played an important role in both the Igbo culture and Okonkwo's life for the same and different reasons. Women are looked at as the weaker half between sexes. In “Things Fall Apart” women were read to be weak, but …show more content…
They did so because of how Okonkwo acted and violent behavior. As a result of Okonkwo’s behavior, women are treated less. Women are looked as they only have one purpose. It is to look after the children and do as their husbands want. The women may be looked as only one purpose but they are powerful in what they do. The Igbo people might not think that their powerful, but when reading Things Fall Apart, one may think that the women are the most powerful out of the sexes. For this reason, is because they cook, clean, teach the children, farm, etc. It sickened me when reading about how Okonkwo treated his wives. Also, on how he thought about the women was disgraceful. The women fill in all the gaps of the Igbo …show more content…
For example, he says to Ekwefi, “A little more.. I said a little. Are you deaf?” which is interpreting that he wanted something and she didn't do it correctly so he got really angry at her (Achebe 85). Okonkwo didn’t care what he said to any female and how he said it. He had behavioral problems, and was always rude. The fault of his behavior is his father growing up. His father didn’t treat him fairly and taught Okonkwo to not be less than anyone,especially not women. When Okonkwo was a kid, whenever he acted week he would be called a woman. This showed Okonkwo to act like this while growing up. Okonkwo has always been demanding to his family. Always asking his wife to do everything. Women were looked as to do everything for their husband. However, Okonkwo took his demands to the extreme. He even found his twelve year old son, Nwoye, to be lazy and nags on his son constantly. Sometimes Okonkwo game him a few yams to prepare. He told his son Nwoye and Ikemefuna helped his father by going to get the yams from the barn to prepare the seeds in groups of four hundreds. However, his father said these things for Nwoye to do in a threatening way (Achebe 32). Since his wife thinks of family highly, he then doesn’t. He doesn’t care about them as wife and son. He just wants them to do as he pleases. The way he feels towards women is the same on how he feels about femininity in general. “When his second wife, Ekwefi, admits

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