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Topics: Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe, The White Man's Burden Pages: 6 (1889 words) Published: July 3, 2011
|Things Fall Apart | |By: Chinua Achebe | | |  | |Early Entries (pages 3-51) | | | |Title: Things Fall Apart Entry #: 1 Word Count: 398 | |  | |In the first chapters of the book “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Acebe many characters are introduced. The main character is | |Okonkwo who has positive and negative characteristics and has three wives and nine children. He is very hard working and | |knowledgeable about what he needs to do to succeed. He is well known throughout the village, especially after winning a | |wrestling match to ___the Cat. But he has problems controlling himself and has a lot of anger. There is even a scene in the book| |where Okonkwo takes down his gun after becoming angered and shoots at one of his wives, but he misses. | |So far I think the book has been better than I expected. There are a lot of things that I have never heard and a lot of things | |that I can learn from reading more of this book. I think the plot is very interesting and from researching this book before, I | |think that it will become a lot more complex. It is interesting to me how Okonkwo has so many things he believes he needs to do | |to be seen as a leader in the community. I think throughout history there have been conflicts with parents, and although his | |conflicts with his father are more serious than mine, I think this is a way I can relate to the book. | |The book expresses a lot of history, especially in the rituals and beliefs the people of the village have, like the Feast of the| |New Yam. It is a new prospective to read about the way they are brought up in their culture and how Okonkwo treats his family.| |The punishment he gives the children seems very harsh and he doesn’t seem to be very close to any of them unless they work hard | |enough to get some of his respect. | |In the beginning of the story the character Ikemefuna was introduced. I understand he now looks up to Okonkwo as a father figure| |and that he was taken out of his residence with his mother and young sister to the village of Umuofia. He has lived with Okonkwo| |for three years, which was much longer than he was expected to live there. | |Altogether, I think this section of the book is just beginning to draw me in. I think that it will become more intriguing as I | |continue to read more. | | | |Middle Entries #1 (pages 52-109) | | | |Title: Things Fall Apart Entry #: 2 Word Count: 398...
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