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The things I carry...

By cfvq Mar 30, 2004 696 Words
As usually every day of my life I must carry something in my wallet in somewhere of my bag, they might be some utensils, as an eraser, books, etc. But among the most important things I carry with me are those things, which I keep a great respect, or some things that their value have a great meaning in my life.

On a normal school day, a bulk of books and a collection of special things can be found in my bag, including textbooks, folders, a calculator, papers, and color pens. My bag on a good day may weight about 4 pounds, but on a bad one, up to 8 pounds.

The things I carry are classified by grade of importance. One of the commonest things I carry in my daily life, is a medal, that was an present of my sixth grade promotion which reminds me all my old friends from my primary school, those beautiful times so unforgettable where I did not have to worry about anything. The only things I had to worry were to play and to make sure my mom loved me. They were indeed beautiful times. The time passes very fast and never forgives. I just can remember as if it was yesterday when I went of vacation to Disney Land with my friends from my Peru's school in 2002.

I also carry something like a collar somewhat silvered, which is a present from my second brother, Marco, who is living in Peru. That collar reminds me to my brother because it belonged to him. He had earned it in his school; because of he obtained one of the first places in the honor roll. But what reminds me most about my family, are the pictures I carry in my wallet. I carry memories, memories of people who I loved and love, memories of places that I will never forget as the old left house where I went with my friends of my childhood to play and to tell stories about the ghosts that lived in that house. Sometimes when I am lonely or feel very bad. I take my pictures out from my wallet and try to remember those beautiful times when I enjoyed the company of my dear beings. Those times that will never come back. It is so hard to face the reality, my new reality that is so different and painful. Each time I try to remember those happy days, I find myself crying of heartache for being so far from my family.

My mind is a rare world, full of complications and thoughts that can not always be expressed. I carry emotions that I can not take out from my mind, emotions of love and hatred that I try to release telling my parents what is going on with me, but to call by phone is not the same than to talk face to face. I carry with me a feeling of worry, the worry of not knowing how my family is, because I can feel that they do not tell all the truth when they talk to me by phone.

I carry fears, fears that I may not know what tomorrow may bring, fears of rejection, fear of not succeeding, fear of what it hopes to me in the future. I fears things that I do not even know as the day of tomorrow and yesterday. I carry loneliness in my heart. The loneliness is like a friend that goes everywhere with me but also makes me feel bad. I carry a very heavy burden over my shoulders. I carry responsibility, the responsibility of being the oldest brother of 4 brothers and at the same time of being an example for my brothers, which is a difficult work. I carry so much in my life that sometimes I think that I going to give up and let my problems win me.

I carry this all every day with a head of scrambled hair black hair, a big face with black-brown eyes, a regular mouth, a big nose, broad shoulders, and a pair of legs that try to maintain my body in balance, all that everything added weight around 200 pounds.

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