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MHR741 F12-Data Charts for POP Assignment
MBTI pages 1-8; Supportive Communication pages 9-11, Conflict Style pages 12-14

Questions| SA| My Examples| P1| P1: Mother | P2| P2: Aunt Moe| P3| P3: Ben | Trends | 1. At a party do you(a) interact with many, including strangers(b) interact with a few, known to you| A| I enjoy being the “life of the party”| A| Always talks to strangers, about anything | A| Talks to all- all the time | A| Strangers don’t scare Tara | All A’s | 2. Are you more(a) realistic than speculative (b) speculative than realistic| A| I like things to be realistic and achievable | B| Optimistic | A| All about realistic | A| realistic| Half and Half | 3. Is it worse to(a) have your "head in the clouds" (b) be "in a rut| B| Being in a “rut” would be the worst. | B| Would rather dream than be “stuck” | A| Not impressed with “dumb blondes”| B| She appreciates imagitnation| Mostly B’s | 4. Are you more impressed by(a) principles (b) emotions| B| People perspective | A| Principles as far as values | A | Principles | B| | All A’s of surveyors not me | 5. Are you more drawn toward the(a) convincing (b) touching| B| I think you can convince by touching | B| Taras sensitivity of others | B | Emotional when seeing others empathetic| B| She gets “sucked in” by emotion| All B’s – emotional | 6. Do you prefer to work(a) to deadlines (b) just "whenever"| B| I wish I didn’t have any deadlines! | A| Organized when she needs to be | A| Structured in homework and work | B| Procrastinates so much | Half and Half. Ben and I agree | 7. Do you tend to choose(a) rather carefully (b) somewhat impulsively| B| Impulsive in life decisions. Spur of the moment| A| Choices. But in life she is spontaneous | A | Even when shopping | B| Impulsively | All A’s but me! | 8. At parties do youa) stay late with increasing energyb) leave early with decreasing energy| A| I never want to leave! | A| Always enjoys partying | A | Probably the last to leave| A| I have to drag her out of there | Everyone had A| 9. Are you more attracted to(a) sensible people (b) imaginative people| B| I think all things are possible | B| Prefers creativity | B| She is curious | B| What could be .. | All B’s. Consistent | 10. Are you more interested in(a)) what is actual b) what is possible| B| What COULD happen| B| She is a dreamer | B| Tara has big dreams| B| Anything is possibe| All B’s again. | 11. In judging others are you more swayed by(a) laws than circumstances (b) circumstances than laws| B| Everyone and everything and every situation is different. | B| Feels that things are situational | B | Empathy for others (same as question 5)| B| Doesn’t listen or follow the law | All B’s! AGAIN! | 12. In approaching others, is your inclination to be somewhat(a) objective (b) personal| B| Make a personal connective and common ground. | B| Always personable! | B | Open to differences | B| Personal for sure | B’s win for everyone again. | 13. Are you more(a) punctual (b) leisurely| B| Always late. I like the adrenaline.| B| She is leisure, but changes with age | A | Wants to be on time ****| B| Never on time | Mostly B’s but Aunt moe. | 14. Does it bother you more having things(a) incomplete (b) completed| A| Want it done| A| Would rather have a decision made | A | Wants to get things done | A| Wants things done asap. | All A’s – things completed | 15. In your social groups do you(a) keep abreast of other's happenings (b) get behind on the news| A| I like to keep in touch and know “day to day” basis. | A| Social !! | A | FACEBOOK! | A| Always wants to be up to date. | All A’s – social | 16. In doing ordinary things are you more likely to(a) do it the usual way (b) do it your own way| B| My way or the highway. | B| Independent | B| She is very stubborn | B| Always in control of...
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