Thing and Rules

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What’s your pet peeve? Is it graffiti scrawled on building walls? Too much television commercials? Unnecessary violence in some movies? Something else that really bothers you? Write a multiple paragraph letter to the editor of your school newspaper persuading readers to consider your position regarding your pet peeve, including your proposed solution. Be sure to provide effective arguments and evidence in support of your position. Prompt; it seems as though rules are everywhere; at home, in school, in sports and at work. Although some rules seem unnecessary or trivial, other rules truly are important .Write a multiple paragraph essay to an interested adult explaining, why a certain rule is important to you and to others. Remember to support your position using specific reasons and examples .

Rules, rules , rules are everywhere some are dumb some actually have to be followed but why lie nobody likes them. Home; wash clothes, take out trash, clean around, .school; no gum, no phones, pay attention. Sports; play right, no fighting. Work: chores, dress nice, etc. When you think about rules you think “boring, lame, or just you don’t think at all”. But what you don’t realize it’s that at some point you have to know a rule it’s a rule and you’re always going to have that “special” rule that is always going to apply to your lifestyle. “I used to think that when I grew up there wouldn't be so many rules. Back in elementary school there were rules about what entrance you used in the morning, what door you used going home, when you could talk in the library, how many paper towels you could use in the rest room, and how many drinks of water you could get during recess. And there was always somebody watching to make sure. What I'm finding out about growing older is that there are just as many rules about lots of things, but there's nobody watching and you have to decide which ones you are going to follow by yourself. I myself have one rule...
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