Thing and Children

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As we go along, time goes very quickly; yesterday was my 3 day at my work practice. Basically children have very similar structure. I will not be talking in details, because most of the thing will be pretty much the same as last my 2 times above. Yesterday we had really full group. Between 9.30 and 10a.m children had their free play time. All of them were playing with blocks but different styles. At 10a.m children had breakfast time. They finished around 10.30. After that we had circle time. Children were introduced 2 new letters “r” and “m”. We repeated the letters what children already know. At 11 we did playdough with children. At 11.40 we brought children for little walk in the crèche garden. At 12p.m they had snack time. While the part time children were collecting by parents, the full time were staying and we were waiting for the afternoon group, I read stories to them and teach them a song about Halloween. At 2p.m children had the meal time. I left at 2.30p.m. For the first time I saw a little boy in the group. The group teacher said the parents bring him maybe once a week or so. The boy did not want to stay at all. He was all the time holding his dad and crying. I have to admit the boy do not has any English. The teacher asked dad to stay. While dad was there, the little boy was ok, but if dad tried to go he was in hysteric again. Every teacher in turn tried to talk to him, nothing helped. I brought my own story book from home, so I took this book, I sat down with that boy and started to show him pictures. He was ok. I asked him to go with me to the toilet to wipe his nose. When we came back, his dad was gone. He started crying straight away. He rang to the door, trying to open it. Then he was jumping and banning the door, throwing things. When the group teacher wanted to talk to him, it made it worse. Then another teacher was talking to him. We ended up that he started biting, pinching, pushing and throwing thing at us. So we left him alone. I asked...
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