Theyre a Rotten Crowd

Topics: Morality, Corruption, Political corruption Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: March 16, 2013
The first thing that gets our attention in the passage is the word “rotten.” It seems that Nick is referring to Tom and Daisy. His following comment appears to imply that he prefers to hang out with Gatsby more, than them and, that, he likes him more. “Rotten” is a word, which is usually connected with things that are bad or have gone bad, like tomatoes. Something that is rotten is something that you don’t want to eat, otherwise you’ll get sick or it will leave a bad taste in your mouth. Gatsby’s parties are occasion in which many morally corrupt individuals gather to do careless deeds. The car crash at Gatsby’s party is done on accident. The accident was an act of carelessness caused by the intoxication of the individuals. The parties are used by Fitzgerald to depict the social gatherings that the high-class individuals attend with no regard for anything or anyone. They live their lives in accordance with materials and have no care for anything except money. Daisy and Tom Buchanan embody a morally duplicitous, aimless, dreamless and drifting existence. Nick writes of them that "they had spent a year in France for no particular reason, and then drifted here and there unrestfully wherever people played polo and were rich together." They represent all that is wrong with the American Dream; they are rich, but they have no true friends, they are unhappy, restless. Whenever they are in trouble, they have the money and the lack of morality to just move on: "they were careless people, Tom and Daisy – they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or vast carelessness." Nick talks about Tom and Daisy in that way because they live complicated lives. Tom is involved with Myrtle and has a separate life set up with her, while Daisy is involved with Gatsby and has other duties to attend to, such as being the mother of the child she shares with Tom. At the same time, Gatsby doesn’t have a clean past, so maybe Nick wasn’t referring to them as...
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