They Coming!

Topics: Junkanoo, Crowd, The Bahamas Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: August 23, 2013
They Coming!!!!!!!!

They Coming!!!! These are the words you hear ringing loud throughout the thousands of supporters and spectators as Junkanoo groups’ approach the starting gate of what is expected to be an exciting parade. Junkanoo is celebrated in the wee hours of the morning on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Scores of people show up from near and far to celebrate in one of the Bahamas’ most talked about cultural events. After waiting all year long, Boxing Day is finally here! The thought of sleep never enters my mind, as the anticipation of who will be victorious resonates in my mind throughout the night. Excitement builds, as all I could think about is the feelings of swaying to and fro while watching the groups “rush” down Bay Street. Midnight is here… Let the parade begin! As I make my way through the large crowd to get to my seat, I could hear the sounds of the goatskin drums and whistles blowing. The cowbells begin to shake, and I could feel the rhythm deep within my soul. The well-toned brass section chimes in, and it is almost melodious, as the melodies and tunes all mesh together perfectly. The dancers make their way up Bay Street gyrating and moving their bodies to the rhythmic beat of the drums, cowbells, and whistles, demanding all the attention; while dressed in brightly colored costumes. The larger than life costumes adorned with bright, dazzling colors, “tricks” and feathers threaten to steal the show. I find it extremely difficult to contain myself, as the various Junkanoo groups “rush” past me in the stands. I can feel the feathers as they rub across my face and the music thump. The energy of the dancers and the beat of the music motivate the large crowds of supporters and spectators to start moving in their seats, or on their feet. Daylight breaks, all too soon, the parade is over. I am so excited and energized that all I could think about is the New Year’s Day Junkanoo Parade. For one week I eagerly wait to hear the words “they...
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