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They'Ve Got to Be Carefully Taught

By DVcheer5 Oct 18, 2010 308 Words
Danielle Vertiz

English 084

25 September 2010

Every classroom will consist of students of different ethnicities creating a multicultural environment. Teachers must learn about the dominating ethnicities to better accommodate students’ needs and learning abilities.

I believe that, for people to get along, the students need to be aware of their own backgrounds as well as backgrounds of their peers. Reading, They’ve got to be carefully taught, by Susan Brady Konig, has changed my view. I agree with her claim that too much emphasis on cultural diversity may actually divide people of different ethnicities and cultures rather than bring them together.

I agree that cultural diversity needs to be included in all classrooms regardless of the racial composition of students. I also believe that multicultural education needs to be included in all parts of the curriculum throughout the school year. This needs to be done in a manner that does not promote stereotypes. Some teachers, wanting to know more about certain cultures, might ask students or their parents. But I feel that if we put too much attention to this subject especially to the children, it might make them feel that we are all different and that they have to be around only with “the people like them”.

I strongly believe that teaching diversity and acceptance of differences is one of the most important concepts that can be accomplished by a teacher. We in America have so many different ethnic groups and races, that it makes it even more important to be able to accept diversity. In the classroom, these differences should be celebrated as a positive learning experience. Unfortunately, in the dictionary, the word diversity comes just before the word division, and some educators teach diversity as such. When diversity is taught, it should be done in a way that brings everyone together, not divided.

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