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Topics: Bacolod Public Plaza, Psychoactive drug, Bacolod City Pages: 13 (2934 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Lifestyle of Street Children
Around the Perimeter of Public Plaza in Bacolod City

This Baby Thesis Proposal Presented to
Mrs. Vivian Salazar
English Professor

In partial fulfillment to English 121

March 2013

Table of Contents
Chapter 1


Statement of the Problem2

Conceptual Framework3

Scope of the Study4

Significance of the Study5

Assumption of the Study6

Definition of Terms7

Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature

Conceptual Literature10

Research Literature12


Chapter 3

Methodology 19

Research Design19

Respondents of the Study20


Validity of the Instrument22


Conduct of the Study23

Schematic Analysis24





Children on the street make up approximately 75% of the street children in the Philippines.

In proportion in improving if the many places in the country street children or the children freely roaming around are also increasing. On the latest data of National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB) Philippine Against Child Trafficking (PACT), it already reached 1.5 million of children have scattered in the Philippines the no. is increasing as reported by Ruth Navales (UNTV News 2012).

The causes of the street children varied but often related to domestic, economic or social disruption, more generally, it is due to poverty the breakdown of homes or families.

The common problem that a street children faces are drugs related where the most common substance is inhalant like solvents, rugby, cough syrup. This is followed by marijuana shabu. Others are health problems where the street children are generally thin, untidy, malnourished, hardly equipped by the hazards of everyday living.

It is for the above reason why the researchers conducted this study for they want to determine the common problems of street children that causes why there are street children.

This study aims to find out the lifestyles of Street Children in Bacolod Public Plaza.
Moreover it aims to:

1. Determine the profile of the Street Children in Bacolod City Public Plaza. 2. Determine the lifestyle of Street Children in the Following areas: a. Family Status
b. Educational Status


Street Children who beg to passersby or even cares that’s on hold are freely on the street but commit petty crimes like snatching, robbery, bullying, etc. And worse they are engaging in vices life sniffing solvent, taking orally illegal drugs gambling. Other elements like Akyat Bahay gang (a certain group of thieves) are using them their work for they will not be imprisoned because of the minor age. These children are either abandoned door neglected of their families some of them ran away from home because of different kind of abuses whether physically or sexually. Others have parents but can’t take care of their needs so these children look for their needs outside their homes. There are also cases where their parents are having their living searching on the garbage cans so their children left on the street/ plaza to beg on people for their food for the time being. Some government and non government agencies are helping these street children like giving them food, shelter even education, however, some of them are quite rebellious so they go back to the street back to their vices.


The following are the Scope and Limitation of the study:
1. 4
This study covers only the Street Children around the perimeter of Bacolod City public plaza. 2. This study is limited only. To find out the family status of the street children from ages 3-19 yrs. Old...

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