Thesis: The World Wide Web Has Destroyed the Quality of Students' Assignments

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Tim Berners-Lee Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Name: Do Thi Huong English 4B assignment Class: 13E4 Entry : 1 Version 1 Thesis: “The World Wide Web has destroyed the quality of students’ assignments.”

The World Wide Web is no doubts the most effective tool for people to look for information. Apparently, the web not only provide a wide range of general knowledge but also a huge source of specialized profound academic research. As a result, numerous students nowadays often apply the tool to their assignment tasks, which, unexpectedly, to some extent reduce their achievement quality. First of all, it is widely recognized that World Wide Web contains a large quantity of unauthentic and unreliable source of information. With the popularity of technology accompanied by internet in modern world, the increasing number of people accessing internet can freely share materials via websites, blogs, etc. The problem is not all of them are specialists or professionals, or they share the one's academic experience. Many internet users just post their own experience or understanding which is not based on dependable foundation. Moreover, vandals together with naughty individuals often deliberately upload wrong materials or try to modify true available information for their certain purposes. Unfortunately, most web administrators are not normally able to control such a huge number of posts from users. Wikipedia is a typical example, through the comparison between scientific articles and those in Encyclopedia Britannic considered as the most scholarly of encyclopedias scientists found that both references contained four serious errors among the 42 articles analyzed by experts (the Nature, 2005). This, inevitably, leads to the wide range but unreliable knowledge available on World Wide Web. That students are not...
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