Thesis Proposal About Reasons Why Peoplce Become Hyper with Chocolates

Topics: Chocolate, Types of chocolate, Sweetness Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Chapter I – Introduction

A. Background of the study:
From the moment a person taste something sweet apart from sugar, what comes to mind is the word CHOCOLATE. Chocolate as everybody knows it, is something that makes a child be delighted to have, therefore anyone can easily described the delight it gives anyone. Even people who wants to show sweetness or endearment chooses chocolate to give as a present. When a person spirit seems sad or down, it has been said that the sweet taste of it perks up ones adrenalin causing the person to swept away the gloom. In the olden days, cocoa was known to be something bitter but has a healing compound. Eating chocolate has long been said to improve any sorrow-filled situation. Many research studies have proven that eating chocolate can be beneficial for most people. The researcher, for one could attest to these facts, the very main reason why she opted to choose this topic. Although there are times that these proves disadvantageous, especially eating it at night time, but the mere delicious taste of it seems to be unavoidable specially for people with a sweet tooth. This sweet thing called chocolate can even manage to melt out the most angered heart of a woman once given a chocolate, if its not her then any member of the family could appreciate such gift.

In an article once read a study, produced by Kevin Chan, M.D., M.P.H. of Toronto Ontario, was given the name "Chocolate Happiness Undergoing More Pleasantness" or CHUMP. Participants were separated into three groups: some ate milk chocolate, some ate dark chocolate, and some maintained a normal consumption of chocolate--in other words, were given no chocolate during the study. Though the study was riddled with problems, Chan concluded that results showed that the groups who were in either of the two chocolate groups were more likely to be happy than the group who did not consume chocolate.

B. Statement of the Problem
With the familiarity of people...
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